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What happens to a package when it's sent off with the correct address but wrong zip code?

The sender enter the wrong zip code but correct address and state. The delivery is through USPS w/ Signature Confirmation. Will I be receieving the package? And how long will this process take?|||USPS knows where you live weather you enter in the correct zip code or not. They will find you. Your package may be delayed a day or 2, but it will get to you for sure.

What happens if you put a bad zip code on a letter?

A friend mailed me a small package last week via USPS Priority Mail. He used my correct home address with the zip code of my workplace, which is in the next suburb over. Will it go back to him, eventually come to me, or disappear into oblivion.|||Items are sorts using the zip code, these days often automatically and sent to the local post office.

When they arrive, and the address doesn't match the ZIP code they will processed to find the correct location. This may slow the mail down a little. So perhaps a delay of a few days would be expected.|||It will find its way to you..

No problem.|||The package will not disappear. It may be delivered to you anyways./

Where do i put the Zip Code while sending international mail?

I need to send an international mail via USPS. But I have no idea where to place the zip code. The zip code box is 5+4 boxes, should i put in there or put it next to the address|||Within your address - As you do normally

Their address - typically before the city name and before the country

Here is an example:

you: John Smith

123 Main Street

Any Town, CA 94121 USA

them: Jane Doe

123 Main Street

Paris 75008 FRANCE

Which 2 cities in the US have the lowest/highest 5-digit numerical zip codes?

As per the United States Postal Service (USPS).|||Holtsville, New York: 00501

Ketchikan, Alaska: 99950|||boston 02101,LA,90210

Where does mail go with an incorrect zip code?

I bought a package of a website, but apparently I put in the wrong zip code (the address was in one zip code, I put the old zip code with the new address). According to the USPS tracking information, the package was delivered Saturday, January 15 at 5:54 AM (this was an error, apparently, supposedly was PM). However, the package never showed up. Will the package be sent back to the sender, or what will happen to it?|||There are alot of variables there. If there is a similar address in the other zip code it might get delivered there. If it's not a signature-required delivery (most aren't nowadays), the target address might have just kept it. if they are honest and report the misdelivery, it might eventually be returned to sender.

Report the problem to the vendor, the USPS and maybe your credit card company. Ask them for advice.|||To la la land dead letter post office. No seriously they will try and deliver it if they can not it will return to sender. Don't wait by the door it could take some time. You might also call ups and have them hold it at their facility. They can look it up with the tracking information.|||It will show up as being delivered, then you should get another status update that says forwarded due to incorrect zip code. I don't know why they scan it delivered first but they do. Then it will be returned back to the sender.|||It will go to the wrong Zip first and then be redirected once the mistake is noticed.|||It will be sent back to the sender.|||either to the address u sent or if your lucky back to post office

Does Russia have zip codes?

I wanted to send this package to my friend in Russia, she sent me the info but when I went to ship it via USPS, they then asked me if there was a zip code? I told them that was what I got. I emailed my friend but have not heard back so out of boredom at work I am asking this question lol|||Yes they do! And its super easy to find on google. Just like in USA, there is different zip codes for all cities. Just type in name "whats the zip code for (city), Russia and it will pop up. =)|||They don't call them zipcodes,they call them postal codes. Make sure you fill out the correct customs form (there are 2). The label number can act as a customs number. Also,consider added registered mail,it costs $11.50 extra but it's locked up and secured and has indemnity coverage (like insurance) of $45 and you can add more. Registered mail has a tracking number. When I mailed a package to Ukraine,I shipped it priority international flat rate small box,I filled out customs form 2976 (there is 2976 and 2976-A). I weighted each item and put the value of each item on the customs form,then I taped the box up and weighted the box and put the total wieght and value. If you don't do this,it may slow the shipping time and customs may open the package. Consider adding registered mail since packages get stolen in Russia and Ukraine.…|||ZIP codes are a system of postal codes used by the United States Postal Service. Since Russia is not a part of the USA, but a country on its own, it does not have zip codes.

The Russian postal service (Почта России) uses its own code system. So, they have some kind of postal codes, but these codes do not fit the zip codes system.|||There are codes, but this is only a link via Wiki, have a look and select the section you need.

Russia zip codes etc.…|||Russia has 6-digit zip code system|||They have one zip code for one Russia.

Right address and zip code but wrong country usps?

Hi a letter was sent to me using royal mail with track and trace but it was sent to the wrong country it is not suppose to go to the ALaska USA.It was suppose to go to New Zealand.

I tracked it and it was in opa locka florida and it got processed through opa locka sort facility 3 times.Its been 10 days since the last update.

it says Your item was processed through and left our OPA LOCKA, FL 33054 facility on November 09, 2010. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later. do you think that they sent it to NZ.Because it didn't say undeliverable address.

Do you guys know if it is being sent to NZ|||USPS is trying their best. But they are assuming that the letter was meant for somewhere in the USA. There's not a snowball's chance in hell that they searched the entire globe and managed to find the same address in NZ. The letter has probably been 'returned to sender' or more likely has wound up in the 'dead letter' office of USPS.


Whoever sent it to you incompletely addressed must have been high on something . . (No offense to your friend - but addressing a letter properly isn't exactly rocket science).